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Author of Thus Fell Tecumseh

and Sketches of Intriguing People.

Who Killed Tecumseh?

Acquire a new appreciation for the character, courage, and determination of all the men: British,Indian, American, and Canadian, 

who were involved in the battles leading up to Tecumseh's demise at the Thames River. 

340 pages

and more than

50 images tell

the tale. 

Can You Solve the Historical Mystery?

If you like history,

and a mystery,

this book is for you!

The debate over how and by whose hand Tecumseh fell, during the Battle of the Thames in 1813, has raged for over 200 years.

History generally credits Col. Richard M. Johnson, who eventually became vice-president of the United States, as the man who slew the renowned Shawnee leader.

But now, compiled in one source, are the words of the men who bore witness to this event. Many of their testimonies suggest that someone other than Col. Johnson had killed Tecumseh!

Read the letters, newspaper accounts, and journal entries of the men who were at the battle. Play the detective and weigh the evidence. Can you separate fact from fiction?


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Real People of the Northwest Territory!

New Release!

In 1787 the Northwest Territory was opened for settlement. It was as exciting a time as one could imagine, and volatile as well. With great anticipation, as well as extraordinary courage and resolve, citizens of the new United States ventured from the civilized communities established along the Atlantic, into the expansive wilderness lying beyond the Appalachians. These individuals were in possession of an indomitable spirit that had gotten them through a revolution and now guided them into the unknown; an inherent American spirit that is still recognizable today. Likewise, the Native Americans who already inhabited the land, were instinctively driven to defend it and in the process faced internal struggles of their own.

This book blows the dust off of their stories; most long forgotten and some rarely ever told. Through sketches, created with words rather than charcoal, intriguing episodes of their lives are retold, often in their own words. As you read excerpts from diaries, letters, and newspapers of the day, you'll be given a rare and raw glimpse into some of the most daring lives lived on the frontier. Be careful, for their emotions may momentarily become yours.

Some of the tales are thrilling, others curious,

and a few are even light-hearted, but all are true. So come on! The United States of America has just been born! Hazard a trip over the mountains and stake your claim to adventure alongside some rugged, historic, and often heroic Americans,

new and native.



If you want the autograph

addressed to a specific person

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“This work serves as an excellent introduction to the life and bravery of Tecumseh and to the blow that his death dealt to the settlement struggles of the Northwest Territory. A highly readable book suitable for any student of history.”

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Have you ever been curious about what the late 1700s and exploration of America beyond the thirteen colonies looked like? Luckily, some adventures were well documented. Sketches of Intriguing People and the Curious Events They Suffered While Living in the Wilderness of the Northwest Territory by Frank E. Kuron was able to turn all of this information into "sketches" for us readers. The book is a collection of seventeen sketches with illustrations peppered throughout. Each story is different and shines a light onto the lives of those many of us have forgotten. Each sketch starts with paragraphs that introduce those involved, the setting, and/or the importance of the people/events. The author then goes into the backgrounds of the individuals involved before sharing their tales...

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“Thus Fell Tecumseh will appeal directly to armchair historians, regional military history buffs, local historians, and all those with an abiding interest in the history of Maumee Valley. Kuron seems absolutely at home working within the rarified environment of scattered primary source material; his analysis is methodical and his findings acute; he writes well and with conviction; and ultimately, he successfully guides his readers as together they unravel a terrific mystery”...

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